CORTEX Connect

Get to know the  CORTEX Connect module for ALIS . It brings your maintenance management system in connection with our Secured Industry standard Cortex Cloud Platform by ADB SAFEGATE.

For Assets that have a connected LINC , ALIS will provide meaningful information directly in the assets information.

We provide filters* n dashboards and advisories* for the assets and data that is provided through the connection created.

CORTEX Connect – for your connected devices** allows for a reduced inspection needed for all circuits and lights if connected accordingly. You will have more visibility in the status of your connected devices (ie: regulators, lights,gates etc) and their operation. Visualising actionable information ready for it to be scheduled to your maintenance team in the same platform .

*Filters, Advisories and Monitored assets are limited by the connected assets, method of communication and version.
ALIS Connect currently supports LINCNode and Custom ALCS NT connections



Use Cases 

PAPI-LED Monitoring

Maintenance and operation of a Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) system present various challenges, some of which are outlined below and we illustrate how a Connected PAPI can aid with those.

  • Regular Calibration: The proper functioning of PAPI systems relies on precise alignment and calibration, which needs to be checked and maintained periodically. This adds to the time, effort, and cost involved in operating a PAPI system.

:check_mark: Using a Connected PAPI * reduces the need for in-field and manual calibration verification. This indirectly increases safety and reduced risk as there is less need to be on the sensitive Runway area .

  • Impact of Weather: PAPI systems’ optical components and lighting can be affected by adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, and strong winds. These conditions might cause misalignment, light damages, or system degradation and require frequent inspections to ensure accurate performance.

:check_mark: Using a Connected PAPI will directly indicate wheather your PAPI has suffered from environmental influences that disrupt the normal operation of the PAPI reducing the need for more regular checks during bad weather.

  • Limited Accessibility: Some PAPI systems may be installed in remote or hard-to-reach locations, which could make maintenance and live troubleshooting more complicated and resource-intensive.

:check_mark: As PAPI systems are hard to reach due to the location on sensitive area and operations on the runway, a Connected PAPI system will save time to Inspectors and maintenance personal to verify to the correct working of the PAPI




Cortex Connect can now interface with ADB SAFEGATE’s LED PAPI (> 2018)  and will require a

* LINCNode device installation in each PAPI box
* An ALIS (basic) Instance with valid Cortex Connect Subscription



Cortex Connect

Is the subscription that enables your connected devices to send data into our Cortex Cloud Platform – where it gets analysed, processed and stored accordingly. Cortex Connect can then fetch that valuable data visualise it and make it practical in your ALIS environment. There is a base-line fee for each ALIS instance with an additional cost per connected Device ( CCR, PAPI , GATE)