ALIS API Interface

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ALIS is able to interface with other cloud solutions in order to exchange information and increase the efficiency and value of your data. API interfaces are always on quote request as implementation and maintenance can vary.


ALIS can be used as a stand-alone service to register, monitor and report on your asset maintenance condition and status. But often you want to be able to use ALIS in combination with another system and benefit from their synergies. We currently distinguish between two different types of API connections using REST instructions: Standard and Enterprise.

The standard API connector

When the other software we want to interface with has a publically API REST documentation, ALIS is able to adopt to that connector into its system. (eg: see here.)

The Enterprise API connector

For custom developed ERM (Enterprise Asset Management) systems (eg: IBM Maximo) the connector that needs to be created is a custom code that links up the ERM and ALIS in a seamless matter. It does require a bigger development and maintenance effort on both sides compared to the standard API connector. Whenever one of the two systems releases an update there is need for verification on the impact and for necessary changes on the interface connector.

Endless workflows

The possibilites for interfacing and workflows between systems are only limited by our imagination. We are able to provide you with some examples of workflows and automation depending on your needs and use-case. (eg: “Whenever an observation is created with a major severity, create a message in a Teams channel for the team to take immediate action or discuss the matter at hand”.)