ALIS basic

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The generic map is a visualisation of your airport when you have no geographic location reference for your assets (in a universal format) or choose not to enable the satellite view in your instance. The mimic is a dynamic representation of each major area group that is related to AGL and GATE.
The colour of the area groups represent the preventive maintenance status that is most urgent for any of the assets included in that area group. The assets considered are influenced by the active filters.
ie: if a area group is red then 1 or more of the ( filtered) assets have a preventive maintenance task that is overdue. If a area group is green then all (filtered) assets are in a good preventive maintenance state asset.
A faulty flag is put on the area group when 1 or more assets are flagged faulty in that (filtered) area groups’ assets.

An area group is a combination of different (Sub) area’s that that mostly represent a function group on 1 or multiple runways. ie: The light function TDZ (Touchdown-zone) of Runway 09L and TDZ of Runway 28R are grouped together in the area group TDZ on the Generic Map.


If you have multiple runways/taxiways then those can be filtered by use of the (sub-) area filter menu on the left. The condition of the area groups will always be taken from the combined condition of the assets that are included in the area group.
The generic map allows you to

  • Spot critical maintenance tasks that are to be performed
  • Spot Area's where maintenance should be scheduled
  • Spot Location of Faulty assets
  • Select a area group in order to further filter to create a workorder or perform a task on one or multiple of it's assets.
    Multiple area groups can be (de-)selected by use of the CTRL / ⌘ key or by use of the control bar on top of the map.

The Asset list

Working with individual assets
Together with the Generic map the asset list is activated in order for you to select or manipulate individual assets from the activated filters or area groups.
The asset list can be hidden/show by use of the chevron .
Whenever an asset is selected or focused then the according area group will be surrounded by a blue border and the assets' details are shown on the right side.
Activating filters or selecting/deselecting area groups will change the assets contained in the asset list.
You can select one or multiple assets in the asset list in order to create an action on them (Create work-order / Register maintenance / Tag assets as (un-)Faulty).
When you have multiple assets selected from different area groups - the area groups of the selected assets will be surrounded with a border line (of the same colour as the area groups' status)

Data columns
The asset list can visualise some asset data properties in order for you to make the correct manipulations. You can choose the data columns visible from the burger menu , on the right side in the header of the asset list > Edit Columns.

You can sort, (de-)select columns for the visibility in the asset list.