Watch the video or get started with the free basic version to see how ALIS can help you:

ALIS (Airside Location-based Inspection and Service) digitally registers

and visualizes airside asset maintenance using leading-edge technology.

That way you always know what the reported status is on-site, allowing for effortless and efficient management.

Core functions

Location-based user interface


R  Easily spot issues reported from the field

R  Geographic and dynamic view of your preventive maintenance status

R  Easy and efficient planning & registration

In the cloud


Always up to date  R

Follow up with teams on-site  R

Seamless integration of software and devices  R


On-site proof points 


R  Directly register maintenance from the site into ALIS

R  Automatic asset identification

R  Create notes and photo observations



Why use ALIS?


We know the airfield. We understand how the tasks, conditions and responsibilities of your job require a reliable and easy-to-use solution. ALIS is built around visibility and user-friendliness so you can use it in every situation, day and night.


The ALIS cloud server is the heart of the solution. It allows everybody to work with real-time data so the necessary information is shared a lot quicker and accurately.

Latest technology

We have created a unique and powerful combination of nifty hardware and software of the latest generation, making the ALIS experience efficient, accurate, and – let’s be honest – fun for all users! 


We have a built-in reporting studio in ALIS, which allows you to generate the reports you want to see in an instant. We can also create a personal custom template, so you have the maintenance data displayed precisely the way you want it.

Who is using ALIS?

Paris Aeroport
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We are now starting to benefit from this interrogation of the system to really understand the data it provides, the streamlining of scheduling and tracing of our work and work orders for risk mitigation.

-Paul Ralph

Asset Manager, Birmingham Airport

First and foremost, ALIS drives work management compliancy for our airfield lighting assets and it keeps accurate corresponding records, which is vital to our maintenance program in order to maintain FAA Part 139 compliancy. Also, it allows our technicians to focus their time on performing critical maintenance on this equipment at just the right intervals, and in turn they can also strategize and confidently plan their work on all other competing critical airport electrical assets. 

-Jason “Hank” Zoccole

Electrical Maintenance Supervisor, McCarran International Airport


GPS asset identification

No need for expensive RFID installations: we use 50 cm accurate location identification for the automatic selection of assets. It’s a hassle-free start!

visual icon

Visual web application

See patterns, issues and problems that were hidden before and focus on the tasks that really matter.

Easy to use

A user interface that’s intuitive and easy to use is in our DNA. It motivates all users to take advantage of ALIS’s full potential as an comprehensive maintenance management solution.

ALIS screenshot

Integrated hardware with native app

Effortlessly capture accurate data in the field, create on-site observations with pictures, notes and voice memos, and mark assets as faulty.

QR with AR for indoor assets

Indoor regulators and control systems can be tagged with QR codes, making it easy and failproof to identify those assets.

Maintenance advisories

These are next-level recommendations and warnings. Every advisory rule is customizable and targeted at the maintenance managers and technicians to optimize your airport’s performance.

Pricing Model

1. Satellite view overlay

 free trial first 90 days

€199 / mo

Upgrade the generic airport view to a real GIS map with your assets visualized on their actual locations. This map allows for a quicker, better view of asset status and the size of the risk area. The add-on requires you to have geographic information for your assets and is hands down the best upgrade you can make in ALIS.

3. Photometrics

 free trial first 90 days

€199 / mo

ALIS can import photometric data from different sources. This allows for a more streamlined work process, as you can act upon the results of these measurements. You can even use ALIS as a trend and history tool for the evolution and compliance of asset illumination, according to your applicable standards.

ALIS basic


Start managing your airfield assets now – for free – with the basic version of ALIS. You can top up your instance with 5 additional features to further customize and enhance your experience. These add-ons are free to try for the first 90 days!
The free version includes:

RAsset & user management module
R Maintenance task management module
R Registration of maintenance via the web
R Generic airport  and asset status visualization
R Reporting module

5. API interface

Request a quote

ALIS is able to interface with other cloud solutions in order to exchange information and increase the efficiency and value of your data. API interfaces are always on quote request as implementation and maintenance can vary.

2. On-site proof points

 free trial first 90 days

€149 / mo

Using the mobile ALIS apps, your technicians will be able to capture more accurate data in the field and create real proof points. This add-on allows you to create on-site observations with pictures, notes and voice memos, and to mark assets as faulty, visualizing the airport’s on-site status in the web app even better!

4. Advisories

 free trial first 90 days

€19 / mo

Be alerted to the maintenance issues that matter. This add-on enables a set of rules with customizable parameters to inform you when a threshold is breached. It helps maintenance managers and technicians easily understand the issue and act upon it, consequently optimizing your airport’s performance.

Ready to optimize your airfield asset maintenance with ALIS?