With ALIS basic, you can now start managing your airfield’s asset maintenance completely free of charge.

Learn more about what’s included in the free version and how you can upgrade your experience with some essential add-ons:

1. The Map

With the ALIS basic version, all your assets are displayed on a dynamic generic airport map to give you a good understanding of your airport’s maintenance status at a glance.

This way, you can easily see in which area problems are located and which tasks need priority.

Learn more about what is included in the ALIS basic version here.


Satellite View Overlay

Upgrade the generic airport view to a real GIS map with your assets visualized on their actual locations. This map allows for a quicker, better view of your asset status and the size of the risk area. The add-on requires you to have geographic information for your assets and is hands down the best upgrade you can make in ALIS. 

2. Workflow

You can use the web app to create work orders effortlessly and to record both preventive and corrective maintenance tasks. Our user-friendly interface is easy to navigate from the get-go, so there’s no steep learning curve holding you back.

As everything is registered in the cloud, all devices involved are automatically and instantly kept up to date, allowing for fast and efficient asset management.


Using the mobile ALIS apps, your technicians will be able to capture more accurate data in the field and create real proof points. This add-on allows your team to create on-site observations with pictures, notes and voice memos, and to mark assets as faulty, visualizing the airport’s on-site status in the web app even better!


ALIS can import photometric data from different sources. This enables a more streamlined work process, as you can act upon the results of these in-field measurements. You can even use ALIS as a trend and history tool for the evolution and compliance of asset illumination, according to your applicable standards.


Be alerted if something is becoming an issue at your airport. We can dig through a massive amount of data to show you what really matters. You can enable different types of advisory presets and adapt their parameters to finetune your focus points.

API Interface

ALIS is able to interface with other cloud solutions in order to exchange information and increase the efficiency and value of your data. API interfaces are always on quote request as implementation and maintenance can vary.

3. Reporting

ALIS comes with some very useful report templates for you to use. They will make your gathered data look great and allow you to easily keep other parties informed about the status of your airfield assets.

Regulation needs and advantages of having ALIS

Assistance in compliance with ICAO
annex 14, FAA AC 150/5340-26C and FAA Engineering Brief #83, In-pavement Light Fixture Bolts – mandatory for all airport projects funded with federal grant money.

Ready to optimize your airfield asset maintenance with ALIS?